The 7 Best Gaming Keyboards with Macro Keys

Macro keys could give you a gaming advantage over the competition. By having these available, you can set custom actions within reach of your fingers. You won’t have to scroll your wheel or press multiple keys to execute spells, special skills, or throw grenades. A properly configured macro will do it for you with one press. But with all the options in the market, how do you know which one is for you? Here are the best gaming keyboards with macro keys available today.

1. Corsair K100 RGB

The Corsair K100 RGB is a great option for gamers that want nothing less than the finest. It provides the
most recent Corsair optical-mechanical switches. It records actuation using infrared light rather than
direct physical touch. As a result, key presses register more quickly and the key is reset in less than one
millisecond. The keyboard can now support 4,000Hz polling and 4,000Hz key scanning out of the box.
You can perform at your peak with its 1.0mm actuation distance and linear keys, whether you’re working
or gaming. The K100 has an elegant aluminum finish with RGB lights for each key. For the ultimate
visual feast, it also has a 44-zone, three-sided RGB edge accent light.

The six macro keys and iCUE Control Wheel provide you access to a wide range of operations, which is
the best part. These unique keys may be used to swap between weapons in Valorant or a brush in Adobe
Photoshop. Therefore, the Corsair K100 RGB will finish whatever you’re working on quickly.

2. Logitech G915

Users who prefer a simple wireless setup and strong gaming keyboard performance might consider the
Logitech G915 model. For a dependable, lightning-fast connection, Logitech employs its own Lightspeed
connector. Additionally, you may link it through Bluetooth if you want to use it with other devices. For
all players, Logitech also provides three distinct key switches. For exceptionally tactile feedback and loud
clicks, use the GL Clicky switches. Or you may use the GL Linear keys for a smoother experience. And
GL Tactile keyset is the greatest option if you want the best of both worlds. Additionally, this keyboard
contains five G keys with a maximum of three onboard profiles.

This makes it possible for you to carry this gadget about with your settings intact. Its battery can operate
continuously at 100% brightness for up to 30 hours. If you turn off the RGB backlighting, it will survive
much longer. It just takes three hours to fully recharge it if it runs out of power. You may be sure that for
a very long time to come, this will be the only keyboard you require.

3. Corsair K55 RGB PRO

The Corsair K55 RGB PRO is a great place to start whether you’re new to PC gaming or switching from
consoles. Six macro keys for shortcuts are still there, and it is less expensive than alternative solutions.
Additionally, it has five zones with adjustable lighting so you may design effects anyway you like. The
best part is that you can store the lighting profile and macro you like on your keyboard. Therefore, your
programming will transfer to your new configuration even if you switch devices. This device’s key
switches are not mechanical. However, the Corsair K55 RGB PRO’s rubber dome switches offer decent
tactile feedback. Although it will never be as excellent as mechanical keyboards, it is still decently priced.
Value is put foremost in the K55. Expect neither magnetically fastened wrist rests nor aluminum
faceplates. But you can’t go wrong with it if all you want is the extra capability of macro keys.

4. Kinesis Freestyle Edge

You may prevent discomfort in your hands, arms, and shoulders by using the Kinesis Freestyle Edge.
This is so that you may position your hands and arms in the manner that is most comfortable for you
thanks to its split design. The left and right parts may be separated by up to 20 inches, and anything can
be positioned in the space in between. Mouse? Yes. Your steamy microphone? Yes. The HOTAS
joystick? Yes! Kinesis took into account your typing expertise in addition to that. Cherry MX mechanical
switches were employed by the manufacturer to guarantee that you’ll have the greatest possible keypress
every time. You can select the switch that best suits you from among Blue, Brown, or Red options. You
can’t go wrong with this keyboard when it comes to macro keys.

5. Redragon K586 Brahma

For individuals who need to stay on a tight budget but yet want a full-sized mechanical keyboard with all
the bells and whistles, the Redragon K586 Brahma is ideal. It features 10 G-keys, RGB illumination, and
even removable switches. If you require a lot of macro keys, this keyboard is the one to pick. You may
create a wide variety of custom commands using the five macro keys located close to the left side of the
keyboard and the five additional keys at the top. Additionally, you may access up to 40 macros thanks to
the four onboard profiles. Additionally, this keyboard has Outemu mechanical switches. And although if
you can only order their Blue switches, you may afterwards swap them out.

6. Logitech G613

A wireless mechanical keyboard with macro keys that won’t break the bank is the Logitech G613. It
provides Bluetooth and Logitech’s own Light speed wireless connection. You may connect to two devices

at once thanks to this. To switch between the Bluetooth connection and the Light speed connection, you
merely need to push one button. Romer-G Tactile Mechanical Switches are a feature that enable precise
keystrokes. Additionally, it incorporates a 1.5mm short-throw actuation. You can thus use your keys
much more quickly than your opponent. This keyboard is powered by two AA-sized batteries, which may
last up to 18 months. Additionally, you will be informed through the LED status indicator and the G Hub
software when the battery level hits 15%.

7. Redragon K596

Vishnu Finding a portable TKL keyboard with dedicated G-keys is difficult. After all, a TKL is designed
to minimize the footprint of a keyboard. Usually, specialized macro keys are the first to suffer from such
cuts. The Redragon K596 Vishnu, on the other hand, satisfies the demand for a more portable keyboard
with macro keys. Users benefit from having shortcuts and commands close at hand and extra work space
thanks to this design. Furthermore, the K596 supports both wired and wireless operation. Therefore, you
could connect your smartphone with the provided USB-C connection if you needed to recharge it or were
in the middle of a life-or-death situation.

Final Thoughts

Macros provide gamers an automatic edge when playing. This is because using sophisticated macros, you
may design behaviors that are impossible for your adversaries to counter. Generally speaking, using
macros in esports is prohibited. However, especially in contests, game makers seek an equal playing field.
Some contend that the decision to employ macros or not should be up to the player. If you’re playing for
pleasure, it could be okay to employ basic hardware macros (like reloading). However, avoid utilizing
sophisticated macros that combine many tasks into one (for example, switching your weapon and erecting
three barriers). Everyone’s enjoyment will be affected by it, with the exception of your own.

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