Best Mousepad for Fortnite

Nowadays electronic equipment can be used for various applications, although it is usually a computer.

Computers are advanced electronic devices used to perform calculations and other processes according to instructions provided by an operating system.

For successful operation, peripherals must exist.

Peripheral refers to devices connected to computers such as computer monitors printers, hard drives, flash disks, mouse pads, or keyboards.

A peripheral item can sometimes be overlooked for computers such as a perfect mouse pad.

The mouse pad supports a mouse. In this article, we will discuss various mouse pads such as best gaming mouse pad, razer mouse pad, hard mouse pad, laser mouse pad, and much more

Is there a soft or hard normal mouse pad?

It is an individual preference for a lot of people but a necessity for others based on the mouse’s style. This area is also overlooked by consumers because of a lack of precision.

Do I like sugary drinks during games?

If so, you’ve probably had dozens of spills and that could kill a soft mouse pad within a few minutes. A further advantage of a soft mouse pad is the edges that are susceptible to fraying in lower models easily.

They’re inexpensive and easy to transport as you can easily roll them over to the car. Hard mouse pads can handle spills and can be cleaned easily.

Hard pads are also not as portable as soft mouse pads. These mouse pads come particularly in large and extra-large sizes.

A classic gaming mouse pads

This line of QcKs has become the industry standard in the gaming industry. If you go to the tournaments, you’ll probably have several pads around.

The Qck+ has the same surface as the QcK Heavy that was tested here but has thinner rims at 2mm.

It has a very quick glide and because of the thin design it feels fairly smooth but it also has the disadvantage that there are no great opportunities to cover up major imperfections in your game surface.

The game series QcK has an underlying reason for its popularity. It is a good budget gaming mouse pad with good performance and because of its not extra large size and thickness, it is extremely portable.


CORSAIR carries a reinforced cloth surface to prevent rip-page or frayed surface peeling. This combines precision control with uniform precision, and low friction.

Its anti-skid rubber provides a safe grip. It is suitable for laser or optical devices. It is available in two different types: small and extended.

The mouse pad has an area of 1.25 feet and is approximately 1.26 feet wide. The Medium Mouse Pad measures 1.18 inches by 4.13 inches by 3.15 inches and its surface measures 1.75 inches. The mouse pad is extended to approximately 11.5 inches. The size is 34.61 inches 1.75 inches.

Razer Firefly Chroma Hard / Cloth

The Razer mousepad features 16.8M colors and several custom lighting effects. It gives you a better playing experience thanks to the visually spectacular color display using Chroma’s custom lighting technology.

There is the synchronization of colors between devices as well as the enabled Razer Synapse. The USB socket-powered Chroma’s customization lighting is gold plated. A micro textile finish makes the product very precise and quick.

Each mouse’s movement mirrors a mouse’s movement in the cursor. Whatever mouse settings are used, the pad provides you complete control with enhanced reflectance and great smooth cursor speed.

Razer Goliathus

Razer mouse pads are released in 4 different sizes to suit most gamers. The format includes small (215mmx270mm or 10.76 inchesx1073 inches), medium (244 mm x 355mm or 10.98 inches x 14.98 in. ), and larger (255×424 cm or 14.98 in. ).

As far as thickness, these mouse pads are 3mm x 12in. The device includes high or low-sense optics and laser sensors offering different settings of sensitivity based on the user’s preference.

This translates to a complete Tracking Response that’s crucially necessary for consistent game control. It has anti-friction padding, sanding, and anti-slip stitching.

Finding a right mouse pad surface

When deciding on the best gaming mouse pad, you should consider what game type you play.

Do not consider a gaming mouse pad that plays like online time killers but choose gaming mouse pads that you can play for hours every day.

Consider also your play style, as this will determine the right mouse pad for you.

Not everyone can play the exact same way, no matter how you play it. Find the right mouse pad that has a smooth drag and drop.

A grippy mouse pad gives you better control of your movements and usually comes as a soft standard mouse pad.

Alternatively, a hard pad allows easy motion and swinging of the mouse easily. Also, for your ease of gaming, look out for an extended mouse pad.

Best Gaming Mouse Pad Features

It is possible that two gaming mouse pads may have different features. There may be few, but there are some nice advantages ranging in simplicity and technology.

Another common feature is wrist rests, which can definitely be helpful if you’ve experienced a difficult situation that requires an ergonomic solution.

Ideally, a replacement pad will make the mouse pads more durable as you have seen many great pads with poorly placed wrist rests.

LED light can also be found inside some good mouse pads although RGB light is an option for gamers who want extra cash for it.

Logitech G640

Logitech Mouse Pads offer enhanced sensing precision to gamers. Designed in a curved shape, the product provides a clean, uniform surface structure.

The dimensions of this product are 220 x 425mm. Their body weight is 370 kg. So it’s easy to move it to your truck.

The Logitech G640 is the largest cloth-based gaming device. The patented hexagon shape protects the device when taken for LAN events.

Logitech offers high-quality video with moderate resistance to the mouse if you have low-DPI settings. It also gives optimal friction levels for games with low DPIs.

Logitech’s standard

The G640 is one of the pads that are popular among games of all types. Probably the best industry-standard pad.

It is about the same thickness as the pads in this range with a thickness of 3mm 45×40 cm and very fast glides it is the same.

This is a little different from the typical pad. This glide has an excellent feel and will stay consistent throughout many days of intense games.

Its glide is slower than many of the pads in this list that fall under this category of speeds, so this, of course, should not be a problem.

Size matters

Some companies have made mouse pads in XL sizes but Glorious has jumped up to 3 XL and made them in table format.

The mouse pad weighs about 122×61 inches and is a huge size and it is the biggest mousepad in the world.

There are no gimmicky pads. It has stitch edges and an extremely smooth and consistent medium-speed glide.

It’s gonna lay flat almost immediately because this is a very big piece, and once it’s in place, it will never move despite doing crazy swipes every second.

Tell me the best mouse pad for Fortnite.

You can choose which type of mouse pad to buy; Hard pad or cloth pad. Cloth pads are generally thicker than other mouse pads that are textured and give better comfort at the end of the game.

The cloth pads can also be found in different sizes and textures, allowing for more choice.

I find that there are very limited sizes of hard mouse pads available for Fortnite.

The texture is influenced most strongly by moisture, sweat, and other factors. Usually, a hard pad has a uniform surface compared to other mouse pads.

A special pad

The Zowie G-SR mousepad is very controlled and has quite slow movements. People may think GSR-SE is just another version with the same glide characteristics, but that doesn’t really happen.

Zowie G-SR-SE is a pad firmly in the medium glide’ category and is a topped in this industry. It gives you a nicely balanced glide, which allows for the ability to do tiny movements in the water but the control is enough to make you feel as if you have been on the ice.

Best mousepad for Fortnite – The Ultimate Guide

You need to make sure the equipment you use is up to date. It applies to things like your computer and headset. And just like these, your mouse pad is also vital to your setup.

The different mouse pads can have other characteristics, which will help you to find the one that suits your situation.

In our research, we looked at the tools and equipment used by professionals. There are the 5 most popular mouse pads in the professional Fortnite gaming world and are preferred by Fortnite players.

Mouse Pad Size

You may be using more than three monitors at a desk. How often do you have a keyboard that can run off a regular mousepad?

It is likely that it’s time for you to think about extending mouse pads to cover all the walls and surfaces.

A gaming mouse pad may cost more and it is also more difficult to find one with an uneven surface. Although surprisingly affordable, there is a tradeoff in the price for the big soft mouse pad.

SteelSeries Qck Heavy Duty

Many consider these a good gaming mouse pad due to the dimensions which are 450x400x6 cm.

The mouse tracker features non-slip rubber bases with an almost friction-free surface – a perfect mouse tracking system.

Several of them are available as optical sensors with incredibly large thread sizes including surface variations. Besides the above, its high-quality fabric has consistently smooth glide which makes it one of the best mouse pads for Fortnite battle royale.

HyperX Fury S Pro

HyperX mousepads are characterized by seamless stitched textured edge edges to provide an even surface. This mouse pad makes a great mouse pad to play with.

HyperX Fury offers breathable cotton that provides wrist support with a soft rubber grip that will stay firm in times of toughness. This is a 4-inch wide screen that comes in three sizes: large (475×450 cm) and large (390×450 cm).

What makes a mouse pad good for Fortnite?

I know that a mouse pad has a pattern. Fortnite professionals use several pads and they all share an important characteristic across all. We see it in all games that we’ve analyzed, it is plausible.

The average eDPI of professional Fortnite players is very much low as the typical casual player. So the user must have more space in order to move with his mouse.

Gaming Mouse Pad Buying Guide

A good mouse pad can be easily obtained with millions on offer. In some situations, a gamer might be lucky with a flat surface, but it is necessary that you have a mousepad designed explicitly for playing.

This could significantly improve your gaming experience, and some feature options might surprise you.

A new trend

The mouse pad is a typical gaming device and is made from most of the usual big brands, however, a relatively high percentage of professionals use mousepads from smaller manufacturers. Companies like artisan and Mouse pad Companies combined comprise around 10% of Fortnite Professional for giving the best mouse pads.

Final thoughts

We are at the end of our article that gave you a brief idea about what are the glorious mouse pads for playing Fortnite gaming experience and also for general use. Hope this article will be a guide in helping you purchase the high-quality material and best mouse pad that will give you consistent glide, speed, and a fantastic game-playing Fortnite experience. The best gaming mouse pads give you more control and a thus high chance of a winning gaming experience.

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