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One of the most frequently cited benefits of playing on a computer is how much simpler it is to aim with a mouse and keyboard configuration than it is with a gamepad. The beauty of gaming on a PC is that you can do just that if you want to, even if some people still prefer to use a gamepad. That’s absolutely true if you’re used to it.

You might believe that only “casuals” use controllers, but that isn’t actually the case. We can observe from our examined professionals that, despite utilizing a gaming PC, just about 3% of them are using a controller. Although that number is obviously small, it’s still an interesting fact.

To help you choose a controller for yourself, we’ll go through the controllers these experts use in this post. Whether you’re a console gamer seeking for the best gadget on the market or a PC player who prefers the traditional thumbstick arrangement, we’ve got you covered.

What makes a good controller?

You’ll need to be able to do several tasks quickly in the game Fortnite. If you are jumped, you’ll want to swiftly construct your way out of difficulty, so you’ll need to have a few key talents on hand so you can use them whenever you need to.

Standard issue (i.e., the controllers that come with consoles) controllers typically don’t have a lot of buttons and features, so third party manufacturers have been creating full-featured controllers, complete with extra buttons and paddles, adjustable triggers, configurable thumbsticks, and other features.

There is a market for these more competitively oriented gamepads; companies like SCUF have been producing improved controllers for a while, but Microsoft even released an updated version of their official Xbox controller (dubbed the Elite) a few of years ago.

Additionally, it’s imperative that you release your thumbsticks as little as possible if you wish to compete in any shooter with a controller. For instance, if you suddenly find yourself engaged in a fierce close-range gunfight and need to remove your thumb from the thumbstick to choose your shotgun, you won’t be able to keep track on your adversary as you do so.

Even if you just lose sight of your opponent for a little period of time, losing track of them during an engagement can clearly result in a lost fight. This may seem relatively small (simply hitting a button doesn’t take that long).

Pro players used to get around this problem back when these customized controllers weren’t as popular by holding their controllers differently and remapping their buttons (Halo’s infamous Bumper Jumper setup comes to mind here right away) so that their thumbs hardly ever had to leave the stick in a firefight.

This so-called “claw grip” method of gripping a controller isn’t for everyone, and it takes some getting used to before it starts to feel natural (especially if you’ve been using controllers “the conventional way” for a while). That’s where these fancy pads come in.

These kinds of controllers aren’t as required if you play claw games, but more alternatives are always nice, so it’s worth looking at what’s available.

In essence, although appearing gimmicky, these gamepads with all of the added knobs and features are everything but.

I. SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro

Based on the well-known DualShock design, the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro is a controller that is built for the PS4 (as the name implies) and PC.

The Infinity 4PS pro may appear on the outside to be an ordinary aftermarket controller, but you can add a lot of extremely intriguing features to it. Two paddles are located on the bottom of the controller and may be utilized for crucial tasks (like constructing, for instance) so that you never have to remove your thumb from the sticks during fierce battles. Your performance may be significantly enhanced by this alone, which is a really helpful improvement over the standard DualShock controller, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

The 4PS Pro has a wide range of programmable functions. You can choose your own color for the buttons, thumbsticks, and shell when you place an order on the SCUF website. You can also add custom triggers that you can tune to actuate at exactly the right point for you, add a grip shell to the back of the pad, select between concave or domed thumbsticks, and much more.

Although the paddles, which are arguably the most useful addition, are standard, all of these extra features can add up to a very pricey controller. However, it is pretty cool to be able to purchase a controller that is made to your exact personal specifications, so we can see why this is one of the most well-liked aftermarket controllers available.

II. Xbox Elite Wireless

Microsoft didn’t want to fall behind the times, therefore the Xbox Elite line of controllers was created when it became clear that there was a market for customizable premium controllers.

It has the same shape as a standard Xbox One controller, but it also includes a carrying case, two different types of D-pads, three different sets of thumbsticks, and a set of four modular paddles that attach to the bottom of the controller to give you crucial extra control without using your aiming thumb.

Microsoft also includes a rubberized grip, Hair Trigger Locks (which stops trigger movement after you actuate the trigger so that you don’t waste any time “overextending” the trigger), and a full app for customizing your thumbstick sensitivity, button mappings, and all that jazz. This gives you a fantastic set of customization options right out of the box so that you can set up your controller exactly how you like it. To make it simple to use this device with someone else, like a sibling or your significant other, you can even keep two separate profiles on the controller itself and switch between them on the gadget.

If you want a customizable controller with a tonne of extra capabilities that are part of the normal package, the Xbox Elite Wireless is one of your best alternatives. It is really an elite controller.

III. SCUF Impact

Many elements of the SCUF Impact are also included in the SCUF 4PS Pro, however the Impact ups the ante by having four paddles instead of two on the bottom of the controller. Apart from that, it is evident that the Impact is based on the design of the Xbox controller (as opposed to the 4PS Pro, which is based on the DualShock 4 from PlayStation). However, if you prefer playing Xbox games, you should be aware that the Impact is designed for use with the PS4 (and PC).

Although many features will cost more because it is a SCUF product, the four paddles are a standard feature on every Impact controller, making it a perfect option if you appreciate what SCUF is giving but prefer the Xbox design.

You can also choose the Xbox Elite Wireless if you are unsure of the particular features you want on your controller. That one comes with a tonne of custom choices out of the box, but SCUF unquestionably has a lot more possibilities if you already know what you want.

IV. DualShock 4

One of the most known gaming accessories nowadays is definitely Sony’s DualShock. Although the curves and general design have seen some little alterations from the PS1 era, this controller is essentially the same as the one that many of us used to hold back when we were younger and used the PS1, PS2, or PS3.

There won’t be much to say about this product because the majority of gamers will be familiar with it already. Although the DualShock 4 is a very good and dependable controller, it certainly lacks the customization possibilities and performance-oriented features seen in the other controllers on our list.

That does indicate that it is a pretty affordable choice, so if you’re on a tight budget or simply want to test out gaming with a controller, this could be something to consider.

V. Xbox Wireless Controller

Another iconic design is the Xbox Wireless controller (the standard Xbox One controller), albeit unlike its PlayStation cousin, it hasn’t been around for nearly as long. The roots for this design weren’t set until the release of the Xbox 360 since the controller that came with the first Xbox was a very large and challenging to use gamepad. Although the Xbox One controller differs slightly from the Xbox 360 pad, they both share many of the same design elements.

Comparing it to the other entries, this controller is another one with relatively few features, but it doesn’t mean it’s a poor piece of equipment. Although we would argue that more paddles are nearly a need if you’re primarily going to be playing Fortnite, it has a comfortable design, all the essential functionality, and is extremely reasonably priced. This is a fantastic alternative for the frugal person, paired with the DualShock.

Kontrol Freeks

You may be familiar with Kontrol Freek if you’ve been following console/controller gaming for a time. ‘Performance thumbsticks,’ which are essentially extra-grippy ‘extension parts,’ are what this firm is most known for making and may be attached to standard thumbsticks. These items can be useful if you’re gaming with a standard controller or if you simply don’t like the height or grip of the sticks on your aftermarket pad. However, if you’re purchasing a completely customised SCUF controller, you can already sort of select your own thumbsticks.

Without having to purchase a new controller, Kontrol Freek makes these thumbsticks in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and heights, making it an economical method to get you custom-fit thumbsticks. It is absolutely a possibility to use one pair for Fortnite and then another pair for other games, for example, as they are quite simple to install and remove and don’t harm the basic sticks below them.

If you don’t like your default sticks, we certainly recommend giving the Kontrol Freeks a try as more than half of the controller users we studied now use (or have been known to use) one of their varieties.

Controller Binds

The default binds are often a decent place to start when developing your own custom settings, although most players will play around with the settings a little to find a configuration that suits them.

It’s wise to take some time to consider your bindings if your controller has paddles or other buttons. Binding certain combat manoeuvres (such as jumping, for example) to those paddles might provide you an advantage in engagements by allowing you to maintain tabs on your foe at all times. In general, you’ll want to make sure that your thumbs have to leave the sticks as little as possible.

Binds are individual, and you should set up your controller such that it’s comfortable for you, but as a starting point, you may look at players like Nickmercs to see how they do it. He has the two paddles on the back of his 4PS Pro controller connected to the jump and edit buttons.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned in the introduction, if you want to have the most accurate aim possible, you should make sure that your thumbs almost never have to leave the sticks. For a game like Fortnite, which can become extremely hectic, you would do well to purchase a controller with a few extra paddles or buttons to help you do that.

If you ask us, it’s a smart idea to start with the more customisable alternatives on this list since they will not only feel more comfortable and grippy (for those hot summer sessions), but the extra features and paddles will also increase your performance.

Extra paddles and a nice, comfortable gripping material can already go a long way in improving your experience and game play from the moment you jump out of that bus to the very last frame when the Victory Royale screen appears. You don’t have to go all out, though (a SCUF controller with all optional extras is definitely going to cost you a pretty penny).

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